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Facade Installation of Tashkent City Hilton Hotel Project: The Rise of Modern Comfort and Elegance.

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, often referred to as the jewel of Central Asia, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, marked by growth and development. This transformation, coupled with the increasing importance of modernization and tourism in the city, has brought about important construction projects. One of these projects, the Tashkent City Hilton Hotel, stands as an impressive structure contributing to the city center and the luxury accommodation experience.

The facade installation of the Tashkent City Hilton Hotel Project forms a crucial part of the design of this enchanting hotel. This phase emphasizes both the modern comfort and elegance of the hotel. Here are the notable aspects of the facade installation of the Tashkent City Hilton Hotel:

Aesthetics: The hotel’s facade carries the intricacies of modern architectural design. Rich materials, glass panels, and contemporary patterns add visual charm to the city’s surroundings. The Hilton Hotel represents the city’s luxury and comfort.

Functionality: Facade installation also considers the functionality within the hotel. Effective use of natural light, energy efficiency, and insulation ensure that the interior spaces of the hotel are comfortable and sustainable.

Technical Expertise: The facade installation of the Tashkent City Hilton Hotel demands a high level of technical knowledge and skill. The quality of workmanship and adherence to safety standards are critically important for the project’s success.

Sustainability: Sustainability is now an unavoidable requirement in modern construction projects. The use of recyclable materials, energy-saving measures, and eco-friendly practices minimize the environmental impact of the hotel.

Project Management: The facade installation for the Tashkent City Hilton Hotel is a large-scale project requiring effective project management. Completing the project on time and within the budget is key to its success.

The facade installation of the Tashkent City Hilton Hotel represents the rise of modern comfort and elegance. This project adds both visual appeal and a luxury accommodation experience to the city of Tashkent. The facade installation ensures that this impressive structure stands out as a prominent feature in the city’s skyline and makes a significant contribution to Tashkent’s modernization process.

Project NameHilton HotelLocationTashkent / UzbekistanEmployerAkfa Dream WorldArchitectArupContractorAkfa Dream WorldAmount42.000 m²Start2018Finish2019Duration12 MonthShare

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