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Public Building Project

As Ay Teknik Yapı, we were involved in a prestigious project in Azerbaijan and carried out the facade installation of this project. The significance of this project lies in it being the central administrative building of Azerbaijan. It was crucial for the exterior facade of this building to be aesthetically appealing and functional.

While executing the project, we used high-quality materials and state-of-the-art installation methods. This ensured that the building had a modern and elegant appearance, enhancing the prestige of Azerbaijan’s administrative center.

Furthermore, we considered the sustainability and energy efficiency of the project. The materials used were carefully selected to support environmental considerations and energy conservation.

The Azerbaijan Central Building facade installation project exemplifies our success in combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability as Ay Teknik Yapı. We take pride in being a part of this project and aspire to contribute to similar projects in the future.

Project NameCentral Bank of AzerbaijanLocationBaku / AzerbaijanEmployerTekfen HoldingArchitectContractorMetal YapıAmount26.000 m²Start01.12.2022FinishContinuesDurationShare

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