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La Tour F Project: Africa’s Tallest Tower and Double Panel Facade Installation
Located in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast, the La Tour F Project stands out as one of Africa’s tallest and most prestigious skyscrapers. This captivating structure impresses not only with its aesthetics but also with its functionality and energy efficiency. Ay Teknik Yapı played a significant role in the successful completion of the La Tour F Project, particularly through the Double Panel Facade Installation.

This project boasts a remarkable design and special glass facade systems. The Double Panel Facade Installation not only adds an elegant touch to the building’s facade but also enhances energy efficiency, thereby promoting environmental sustainability. The project stands as a recognized international landmark and a modern addition to the Ivory Coast’s skyline.

In La Tour F Project, every detail was meticulously planned and executed. High-quality materials and state-of-the-art installation techniques were employed during the facade installation. This approach ensured that the building’s exterior is both aesthetically captivating and optimized for energy efficiency.

The La Tour F Project redefines the capital of Ivory Coast with a modern look while also supporting sustainability and energy conservation. As Ay Teknik Yapı, we take pride in our involvement in this prestigious project and look forward to contributing to similar projects in the future. We understand the importance of sustainability and high performance in the construction industry, and the success of this project reaffirms our commitment.

Project NameLa Grande Tour FLocationAbidjan / Ivory CoastEmployerPFO AfricaArchitectContractorMetal YapıAmount80.000 m²Start31.03.2023Finish31.03.2023Duration1 MonthShare

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